Sunday, February 01, 2015

Uninstall - Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus Security Suite

Uninstalling the Trend Micro Titanium Security suite has not been a pleasant experience for me. The usual techniques below don't work.

  1. Uninstall by going to "Programs and Features"
  2. Stopping Trend Micro services from the "Services". Even "Run As Administrator" would not allow the service to be stopped.

At the moment I have found a few useful links from other sites such as:
One trick that seemed to work, thanks to the links above, is go to the START button on Windows (sorry Windows 8), 
- look under All Programs 
- look for Trend Micro folder
- go to something like More Tools and Help
- look for something like: Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit - run this.

Group Feature selection -a Binary Way

Suppose there are T distinct types and each of these types is labelled as 1,2,3,4,....,T. Let any of these types be represented as t.
And suppose we want to have various groups and each group is a combination of types. There are G groups in total and each of these groups can be labelled as g = 1,2,3,....G.

Each group can be composed of types as the following example:
g=1 has types  {2,3}
g=2 has types {1,2,3}
g=3 has types {1,2}

Then suppose that for each group g, it is required to randomly select a type which belong to the group.
Here is a method that is designed to be general and although may not be the the most efficient, should be efficient enough for small T.
The types are represented as binary as follows. Example with T=3
t=1 -> 001
t=2 -> 010
t=3 -> 100

The groups can be represented by combining the binary representation for the types. So using the example of the groups above, if g=1 has types {2,3}, then the group is the binary sum of the types:
   g=1 -> 010 +100 = 110
   g=2 -> 001 + 010 +100 = 111
   g=3 -> 001 + 010 = 011

Now for a particular group, it is required to select types which belong to that group. However for general efficiency, it is desired NOT to distinguish between any groups while selecting the random types. So there will be some wastage in this procedure, but it should be fast.

So here is the general random selection process to select any type t from 1....T. Let r be a random integer number from 1....T. Construct a binary representation of the random number, such that:  b=2^(r-1).
The table below shows the representation for various random numbers:
r=1: b=0 -> 001
r=2: b=1 -> 010
r=3: b=2 -> 100

To apply the random selection, simply apply the AND operator on r and g. So using the example of g=1->110, the combination with each of the random numbers would yield the following:
g->110 AND r->001 => 000 no type is selected
g->110 AND r->010 => 010 type 2 is selected
g->110 AND r->100 => 100 type 3 is selected

This algorithm can of course be made more efficient, but that is left for another bright person to accomplish. The present algorithm is efficient already due to use of simple random integers and binary operations and avoiding the use of decision logic like if-else.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Where to get free graphics

Graphics or pictures or images are very useful when we want to illustrate something on our webpages, blogs or other work. It is very easy, but sometimes not right to simply search for images on the internet and use them without permission. There are however, places on the internet that allow pictures to be used for free.

The aim of this post is to put up a list of sites that allow users to use the images for free.
2. Images under Creative Commons licence.

Friday, January 16, 2015

How to Check for Spyware, Malware Infection

This article will present various ways to check whether your PC is infected by malware, virus and other nasties. Firstly, here is a recollection of other related posts in this blog, so I will show the link here instead of writing the same material again. The new material will be after that.

How to Check for Botnets

Security - Protection against Botnets

Windows Server 2008 - Firewall, Antivirus, AntiSpyware

Security Software Review, Discounts and Special Deals

Links to Smartphone Mobile Security Software

Malware: Windows Enterprise Defender and Windows Diagnostics

Online Scan - PC tools

Online Scan - Websites

Online Scanning websites and links for virus, malware, spyware

Online Scan - AntiVirus

Now for some new stuff. Some tools that can be downloaded and used are:

Google and download: TDSSKiller
- Start tdsskiller - Run as Administrator.
- Click on Change parameters.
- Check all options except "Loaded modules" and click OK.
- Then click on Start scan.
- When threats are found, choose the Skip option for all of them, instead of deleting.
- To open the log file, click on Report. Or it can be found in :\TDSSKiller.<version_date_time>_log.txt

Google and download: Farbar Recovery Scan Tool.
- Start FRST - Run as Administator.
- Select the option Addition.txt as well as others selected by default. Press the Scan button.
- FRST will create two logs - FRST.txt and Addition.txt - in the same directory the tool was run from.

Monday, January 12, 2015

How To Uninstall Pokemon Trading Card Game

The Pokemon Trading Card Game, is not so easily removed.

It may happen that your beloved one installed this Pokemon Trading Card Game without your awareness. The first thing any Windows user would do nowadays would be to go to the:
Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Uninstall -> Pokemon Trading Card Game.
..... or something similar depending on the version of Windows XP/Vista/7/8/etc

Error: a ''property.USER_profile'' error

However, some may encounter an error message above during uninstallation. There are several options.

Two of the recommended tools are:

Revo Uninstaller
See for the above and similar tools

The way without using any software is the following.
1. Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features
2. Scroll down the list of programs until Pokemon Trading Card Game is found.
3. Do not click the uninstall button above. Instead at the line item that says "Pokemon Trading Card Game", right-click and then choose Change or Repair something similar.
4. Then when a Window pop-up, click on the Uninstall button.
5. This uninstall should complete properly. If not, check out the software mentioned above. The other alternative is to boot into Windows Safe Mode and uninstall there.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Migrating WordPress Blog

This post is also posted at
Migrating WordPress from <yoursite> – which is a free service – to another site that you are paying for such as <yourdomain>.com/<yourNewWordPressHome> is very easy and it is all done through WordPress.
In this situation, my new website has Fantastico and it allow WordPress to be installed on my domain very easily – few clicks of buttons. Now assume both <yoursite> and <yourdomain>.com/<yourNewWordPressHome> are running, here are the instructions.
1. Go to <yoursite> and login there.
2. Go to the classic Dashboard.
3. On the left panel, go to Tools – Export.
4. Choose to export “All Content” and when asked, save the XML file to your PC.
This XML file presumably contains all the data for the two WordPress to communicate.
There are lots of pictures in my original WordPress site, but the XML file is only over 100kB, so obviously the Contents are not being saved, ie not needed.
1. Now go to the new <yourdomain>.com/<yourNewWordPressHome> site and login.
2. 2. Go to the classic Dashboard.
3. On the left panel, go to Tools – Import.
4. At the Import page, choose the WordPress option, and you will be asked to install the plugin called WordPress Installer. Go through with this.
5. Then click on Activate Plugin and Run Importer.
6. Click the button to choose the XML file to import from.
7. In the Import WordPress page, choose Import Author and “Download and import file attachments”.
8. You can now go back to the original site and just manually check the old settings, and apply the same settings to the new website. Some example of this to consider are:
a) Appearance – Themes – search for the same previous theme using the search bar and install
b) Appearance – Widgets – Text – Add your text, including Google Adsense code.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Links to Discounted Software - up to 100%

This post is about Retail Software that are discounted. Some of these software are 100% discounted meaning the are totally FREE.

There is another post about  software which are always free, including freeware at:
This post here, will not include freeware which is on the link above.

There are also other websites where you can get coupons such as:
BitsDuJour -
RetailMeNot -
Again, this post here is not about that.

So what is this page about?
The software here are Retail software - meaning they are being sold. But for various reasons, there are opportunities to get them at no cost. So here they are:

Free WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe – 100% Discount
$49.95 Free!

Free WinX DVD Copy Pro – 100% Discount

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hidden Windows Devices

Some USB devices which have been unplugged or not active cannot be seen via Windows' Device Manager. However the following command will make Windows show the Hidden Devices. Open a CMD terminal, and enter the two lines:
- set devmgr_show_nopresent_devices=1
- start devmgmt.msc

Removing Rogueware

Sometimes rogueware such as search toolbars or other utility kits are sneakily installed on your PC when you install other big reputed programs. They may not be officially bad, but just annoying and you did not intend to have them in the first place. So here are some steps to remove them.

- create restore point
- Use the following tools to scan and remove rogueware
AdwCleaner ( to run scan
Junkware Removal Tool ( and run scan.
RogueKiller ( and run scan