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Xiaomi XiaoFang Quick User Guide - ENGLISH Translation

Small square smart camera quick guide book


Scan two-dimensional code to download MiHome App
Or update it to the latest version.
This product has access to XiaoMi smart home,
Interoperability with other XiaoMi smart home products.

1.Wait 15 seconds after turning on the power
The camera adapter power cable into the product back power connector, wait for 15 seconds after the boot is successful, then the status indicator will blink yellow.

Blinking yellow - If the status indicator flashes non-yellow, please turn off the power and wait for 5 seconds before turning the power back on. Please be sure to use the standard power adapter and cable, use of other adapters may cause product failure.

2. 长按底部SETUP按钮3秒. 拉开摄像机底座,长按底部SETUP按钮3秒,当听到“等待连接”语音提示后重置成功。
Press and hold the SETUP button for 3 seconds Press the SETUP button on the bottom of the camera for 3 seconds, and when you hear the "Wait for connection" voice prompt, the reset is successful.

3. 打开米家App按提示操作
Open MiHome App and follow the prompts.

产品详细介绍. 包装清单:小方摄像机x1,快速指南x1,电源适配器x1,电源连接线x1。
Product details. Packing list: XiaoFang camera x1, quick guide x1, power adapter x1, power cable x1.

光线传感器. 镜头. 麦克孔. 存储卡槽. 重置按钮SETUP
Light Sensor Lens Microphone Memory Card Slot Reset Button SETUP
power supply. Status Indicator. Power cable. Power Adapter

Video tutorials and more exciting activities. Please pay attention to XiaoFang smart camera WeChat public number for more information.
‎Open WeChat "Sweep" at the top two-dimensional code attention

Return registration form. Non-human damage, can enjoy 7 days no reason to return, 15 days replacement, 1 year free maintenance services. If you have the demand for return, please use the mobile micro-channel to scan the QR code below to enter the return registration form, fill in the required.


Matters needing attention:

1, return process: fill in the registration form, courier sent back to the XiaoFang, manufacturers receive goods after the refund of pancreatic goods.
2, send back the freight borne by the user, replacement freight borne by the manufacturer.
3, If you have issued a paper invoice, be sure to send it back with the small side.
4, if the maintenance needs, or have other questions, you can call 400-682-2602 consulting.


Small square smart camera warranty instructions. 13 Services are as follows: Squared camera service strictly in accordance with the "People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law", "People's Republic of China Product Quality Law," the implementation of three bags of service, the service is as follows: Three bags of the validity period, you can follow The provisions of the free return, replacement, repair service, repair, replacement, return should be handled by invoice.

1, 7 no reason to return (electricity supplier to buy channels), borne by the user logistics costs;
2, the product appears "product performance fault table" listed performance failure situation, after testing to determine, you can enjoy the following services for free.

服务类型, 服务政策。。。退货。

换货。 自签收次日起7天内产品质量原因退货。
维修。 自签收次日起15天内产品质量原因换货。
退货 自签收次日起1年内产品质量原因维修。
Service type, service policy . .
Returns. Within 7 days from the next day of receipt for product quality reasons return.
Exchange. Within 15 days from the date of receipt of the product quality reasons replacement.
Service. 1 year from the day after the receipt of the product quality reasons for repair. Returns

Tips: Due to the transport process need to use the box to ensure product safety, it is recommended that you keep at least 15 days from the date of receipt of the box magnetic base. Do not stay close to your computer or hard drive.

服务类型。 性能故障。
Product performance fault table.

Service type. Performance problems.
Small square smart. . Camera. The host does not work power indicator light does not shine.
Can not boot
Can not talk and video.
Shell cracks due to structural or material factors

非保修条例1,未经授权的维修,误用,碰撞,疏忽,滥用,进液,事故,改动,不正确的使用非本产品配件!或撕毁,涂改标贴,防伪标记; 2,已超过三包有效期; 3,因不可抗力造成的损坏; 4,不符合《产品性能故障表》所列性能故障的情况; 5,因人为原因导致本产品及其配件产生《产品性能故障表》所列性能故障。
Non-warranty 1, unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, into the liquid, accident, alteration, incorrect use of non-product accessories! Or torn, altered labels, anti-counterfeit labels; 2, has more than three bags of validity; 3, due to force majeure caused damage; 4, does not meet the performance failure table listed in the performance failure situation; 5, Product and its accessories have a performance breakdown listed in the Product Performance Failure Matrix.

Manufacturer: Tianjin Hualai Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Address: 9F, Overseas Chinese Venture Building, No.10 Jinping Road, Ya'an Road, Nankai District, Tianjin. Customer Service Phone: 400-682-2602. Customer service time: 08: 30-17: 30


MY NOTES HERE - from here below, it is no longer translation.

The XiaoFang camera requires the XiaoMi MiJia(HOME) app to configure and connect to the network. It is convenient to also get the Xiaomi Gateway (I don't receive anything from Xiaomi for promoting this). The important point here, is these devices work with your home wireless network. So it is important, during the setup process, to ensure Wifi Security is open temporarily. For example, the home wireless network has to:
1. Enable SSID broadcasting
2. Include the Xiaomi Devices in Wireless MacID filtering list.

Wireless MacID Filtering.
How do we know what is the MacID of XiaoFang.
1. Go to wireless router and look at the list of DHCP -> DHCP client list.
2. Disable MacID Filtering.
3. Configure / Connect the XiaoFang camera.
4. Look at the DHCP client list again, and look for the new MacID. This is the MacID just added and it must be the MacID of the XiaoFang.
5. After everything else about XiaoFang is setup and connected, its MacID can be added to the MacID filtered list. Now all Wireless security can be turned on again.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Notes Xiaomi MIUI

Notes MIUI Xiaomi Mi Max2

The following are instructions based on my Xioami Mi Max2, but I suppose it can work with other Xioami running MIUI as well.

How to organize Folders as Music Playlist

How to organize Folders as Music Playlist
With the Xiaomi Mi Max2, it does not organize or recognize folders as playlists by itself. There is no way of choosing a folder to be a playlist.
Imagine if you have 1000 songs and 25 folders. Let say, we want folder 'A' to become playlist called 'A'. It does not allow you to choose that.
The first time you use Xiaomi and browse the folders (eg with Explorer), and Xiaomi sees your songs, it will see 1000 songs.
When you go to Music app, it will see 1000 songs. You can spend a lot of time to create a Playlist, eg playlist A and manually choose songs to put in playlist A.
This takes a lot of time.

Here is the solution.
Go to the Music App, click Settings -> click Advanced Settings -> click by Folder.
Now you can CHOOSE which folder the Music app can see.
So uncheck all folders, and check only folder A.
Now Tap, Tap, Tap, .... to completely exit the Music App.

Go back into Music App again.
Click My Playlist, click '+' sign to create a new playlist and call it 'A'
Click on the new playlist A, click on 'Add to Playlist'
Now the phone will show ALL the music files, of Folder A ONLY.
Now click 'Select All' -> click OK.
So with these few click, all files in folder A is assigned to playlist A

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Notes Altcoins Mining

This is a collection of links of the resources needed in mining Cryptocoins / Altcoins of which Bitcoin is the most famous. At the time of writing, most people in this field know that Bitcoin mining for the home user is no longer a worthwhile exercise. So the focus is more general here, about mining other crypto coins.

CryptoCurrency Market Capitalization
A huge list of the alternative Cryptocoins available.
This has a profitably table to guide people on which coin is currently profitable to mine.

with GPUs -



How to Configure Cgminer for Litecoin & Bitcoin (Windows 8)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Windows 10 Updates

Windows 10 would prefer full control of your PC and updates whenever it wants. There is a limited number of ways to stop this.

When getting this message "Getting Windows ready, Don’t turn off your computer screen", some people have waited from 7 hours to 24 hours - so be patient.

The Software Distribution Folder is responsible for storing Windows Updates stuff. To operate on this folder, first stop the Windows service:
   net stop wuauserv
   net stop bits
Then either delete or rename the folder, then start again.
   net start wuauserv
   net start bits
These operations can solve some Windows Update problems.
For more info see:

To stop Windows 10 from updating automatically, login as a user with Administrator privilege.
Click the Start button, then click the Setting (like a gear icon) button.
A Windows Settings page appears. Then click the "Network & Internet" option.
Click Wifi and then Manage Known Networks.
Click on your wifi network name, then click Properties.
Under Metered Connection, set it to On.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

How to Uninstall Google Drive always shutting down fix

Google Drive app can be installed on PC to sync files to your Google Drive in the cloud. Not sure about others, but I never get it right in the first install. That means I need to uninstall and re-install.

For example, this time, I chose the right directory to sync on my local PC, but sign in with the wrong google account. So after uninstall and reinstall, the Google Drive folder was on the desktop, but the service itself was not working at all. There was no icon in the taskbar.

On the taskbar, click Customize, and among the list of icons, is Google Drive with the writing saying "Shutting down...." After many uninstall/reinstall - it is always the same.

Others have reported similar problems but no solution:!topic/drive/rKsXF3ZZWA8!topic/drive/nKPuY8dcn34!topic/drive/IvoOGUNafpo

The solution is to:
1) Uninstall Google Drive from the "Programs and Features" window.
2) Then go to File Explorer and DELETE the following:
The AppData is hidden usually, so you need to go to Control Panels -> Folder Options, to choose not to hide files option.
3) Then Reinstall Google Drive - of course with lots of PC Restart between the processes.


How To Escape MS blocking MS Win7 from Security Updates

MS is forcing people who buy new systems, ie with new CPUs such as AMD Ryzen or Intel Kaby Lake, to use Win10. If they use Win7 or Win 8.1, they will be blocked from receiving Windows Updates.

What to do?
1. Stop receiving Win updates - actually I have switched off Win updates for over a year, after hearing news that updates can stuff up the PC sometimes. So this not being able to get Windows Update can be a good thing, provided your PC is secured via other means.

2. Someone in the internet has already developed a way to bypass the MS shenanigans.

Apparently a set of Win updates are responsible for checking the CPUs. These updates are listed below, perhaps if we avoid them, then it would not check for CPUs.
KB4012218, KB4012219, KB4015546, KB4015547, KB4015549, KB4015550, KB4015552 and KB4015553.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

How to setup IP cameras

This is Work-In-Progress

What is my RTSP or HTTP stream?
IP cameras broadcast, or more technically stream, the images from the camera to a specific IP URL. There are default URLs given in the instructions, but these may not work.
Here are a few sites to check which model is your camera, and what is their URLs:

Another thing is to find out who the manufacturer is. The manufacturer of IP cameras are not obvious from the brand name because there are many brand names, but the manufacturer may be different. First find out the first 6 Hex number of the MAC ID of the IP camera.
Secondly, go to this website, using the first 6 Hex numbers, to find the manufacturer name.
Having the manufacturer name may be helpful, when trying to find information, such as documentations, drivers or software for the IP camera.

Some Cloud storage for IP cameras:

Other sites on setting up IP web camera

Some Mobile Apps that can be used for IP Cameras:
- TinyCam Monitor - Cannot connect yet
- Home Security Alfred - Has Viewer/Camera mode and need two phones. Motion Detection not available as of 20 Nov 2017
- RL Watcher - No idea how to actually use it.
- IP Webcam - Has Motion Detection which records to internal storage only. Has Local broadcasting and ONVIF support.
- Ivideon - Sricam manufacturer not found on list - cannot proceed further.
- iSpyConnect - needs the Windows iSpy version to be running.
- BL-IP Camera - Simple Viewer / Camera mode and requires two phones.

Mobile Sync Apps
- FolderSync - OneDrive, SugarSync, Copy.Net
- AutoSync - for Dropbox, Google Drive, Box

Desktop monitoring
- ContaCam 
- ISpy

Sricam App for Sricam SP005
- On the main screen entitled "Device List", click on the menu on the Right
- Choose Multi-media -> Video Playback.
- Select the IP camera.
- This allows choosing to save on SD card or phone video