Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to improve your website Ranking

There is an article here by DAVID WILSON  February 15, 2010 on
How to rocket your search engine ranking to the top of Google

The summary of that article is: 

1. Polish your presence - Create a good website, ie where content is relevant
2. Research the competition - Check out what keywords competitors are using. Google keyword tool may help. 
3. Tackle titles - make the Title words on the HTML
4. Pepper pages with keywords - Strategically use keywords in the content of the webpage.
5. Go the extra "meta" mile - fill the meta tags with keywords.
6. Link and leverage - link between your own pages
7. Spy and submit - Use tools like Yahoo Site Explorer to check out links. Submit to sites like Check your effectiveness using Submit Express.

My other suggestions would be:
1. Becoming a regular member of a discussion forum or interest groups relevant to the topic of your website. Then tell the other members of your site.
2. Use the following site / content aggregators to check or submit your website:

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