Tuesday, November 02, 2010

How to Improve Video Capture Quality

How to Improve Video Capture Quality
This step may require additional filters for VirtualDub. See the previous section for filters available for VirtualDub.

White Balance Filter - Jim Leonard
- to correct for white balance problems.
- Example: when the video in general looks orange, blue or too dark.
- may occur when white balance is on automatic mode, so different types of light having different temperatures causes this problem
- this filter can also be used to adjust Hue, Saturation, Intensity, Brightness, Contrast

Deinterlacing filter
- used to remove the effect of interlacing, ie. when not all frames are processed.
- fast motion causes edges of objects to look jagged.
- the filter will also make the video look far sharper

Sharpening Filter
- used when video seem to have soft edges or lack detail.

Dynamic Noise Reduction
- used when video is grainy

Chroma Noise Reduction Filter
- used when there is chroma noise; ie where rainbow effects shimmer across the screen.

VHS filter - flaXen
- used when video has timing issues and skips a bit
- try using the Stabilize section of this filter only

For instructions on Video Capture using VirtualDub, see:

VirtualDub filters plugins
Filter pack from Dee Mon:
Jim Leonard's White Balance filter
flaXen filter

To use this filter, install Virtual Dub, then install these plugins into the VirtualDub's plugins folder.

VirtualDub MPEG2 codecs
To use the Virtual Dub and encode with the MPEG2, the following codes need to be installed.
Panasonic VfW DV codec
 Adaptec VfW DV codec

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