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Notes Zenithink ZT-180 ePad Android

Notes Zenithink EPad Android

These notes are about the Zenithink ZT-180 256MB (version 1). However, users of other models may find some similarities and hence useful notes here.

Ports on Zenithink and their functions
   Top side
T-F - slot for memory card, also known as MicroSD
Power On/Off - button for switching on / off
USB to RJ45 - microUSB connector to a LAN connector (supplied with Zenithink)
Software Menu - for selecting different software
   Bottom side
   Right side
DC - to connect to power suppl for charging
OTG - USB On the Go - a specification for USB allowing the device to be a slave USB.
USB - to connect USB devices
Headphone -
Reset -
Mic -

Change Settings
Settings -> Sound and Display -> Display Settings -> Screen Timeout

Checking Information of ePad
- Version:  Settings app -> About MID -> Firmware, Kernel, Build, etc
- MAC Address: Settings app -> About MID -> Status -> Wi-Fi Mac address

Some interesting APPS for the Android
Adobe Reader
Amazon Kindle
Amazon MP3
Bible Reader KJV
Bible Reader Olive Tree
Dolphin Browser
FT Mobile
Google Books
Google Maps
Google Market
Google SkyMap
Office Suite
PDF Viewer

Advanced Task Killer Free
ROM Gripper
Sound Recorder
Spare Parts
Wifi Advanced Configuration Editor


Algebra Tutor
Coloring Finding Nemo
Coloring Disney Princess

Dora Memory Game
Dora Explorer Puzzle 
Hello Kitty Puzzle
Math Workout
Princess Memory Game

Fun and Games

Angry Birds
Ataroid Lite
Checkers Free
Chuck Norris
Hangman Classic
Mole Mole Mole
Robo Defense
Smart Tac Toe

How to Flash Zenithink ZT-180 or install the latest firmware

There are many ways to flash or upgrade Android on the Zenithink. There are many sites with a few good ones on how to do this. But I decide to write these notes because none of the sites have complete and detailed instructions. There always seem to be a step missing. So these notes will be detailed but for a very specific case only.

For Zenithink users on Adroid 2.1 who wants to upgrade to Android 2.2.
To be speficic, these notes apply for Android 2.1 10(1030) to Android 2.2 11(0326)
This upgrade path MUST use USB install method (using 32bit Windows PC).
The SDcard install method CANNOT be used at this stage yet.

Part A: Installing Android USB drivers
1. This step is necessary so that the Zenithink can be connected via USB to a 32 bit PC to use the BurnTool.
2. Download the BurnTool package which contains the USB driver from.
The link to BurnTool 7.41 can be found from
The BurnTool 7.41 is for ROM 1104 or later. It is for 32 bit system.
3. Unpack the BurnTool RAR file which contain the following into a folder called BurnTool7.41:



4. Make a new folder anywhere called adroid_usb.
- Unpack the contents of BurnTool7.41/ into adroid_usb folder.
- Unpack the contents of BurnTool7.41/secbulk.rar into adroid_usb folder.
5. connect USB cable to PC, the other end is a free miniUSB.

- shutdown ZT-180
- connect mini usb end to otg on ZT-180
- put power cord in (tablet still turned off)
- hold down menu button and press power and hold both for 10 seconds and let go.
- the PC should find hardware.
6. If Zenithink is connected to PC for the first time, when PC asked to install drivers, choose the folder you created above called adroid_usb. Important, the system will automatically install TWO sets of drivers.
The first set of USB drives is for the USB SecBoard Tools, the second set is for the Android USB.
The  adroid_usb folder should contain these files for the USB driver to install properly:

Part B: Configuring BurnTool 7.41 and Flashing with 110326ROM
This technique will be a clean install meaning it will destroy everything in the old Android 2.1 system and replace with the Android 2.2 110326.
0. Download Android 2.2 package build 110326, meaning 2011, March 26 from
Alternatively, 1. click on the link:

The file should be:

Unpack this file into folder epad_256M_nand_old_android_2.2_0326

The folder should contain:


1. After the USB drivers are installed, run BurtTool.exe from the BurnTool7.41 folder.
2 On the BurnTool display, the Status square next to Device 10 should become green when the Zenithink USB connection is recognized. If not connected yet, then switch off Zenithink, connect the USB to miniUSB (OTG port). Hold the Menu button and press Power and hold for 10 seconds. The Device 10 square in BurnTool should turn green.
3. Click on the Settings menu item. Enter the password as "zenithink"
4. Setup the following files in the settings dialog:

- uboot-spl =  epad_256M_nand_old_android_2.2_0326\ZT_Bx.spl
- uboot-img = BurnTool7.41\ZT_Bx.boot
- linux-kernel = epad_256M_nand_old_android_2.2_0326\zImage 
- linux-sys = epad_256M_nand_old_android_2.2_0326\system.pack.img
- linux-udat = epad_256M_nand_old_android_2.2_0326\userdata.pack.img
- in the Memory options, click scrub
- click Save
5. Check that the Zenithink is connected to the Power cable and the BurnTool device10 status is green.
6. Press Start to Flash. 
7. When flashing is completed, remove the mini USB cable from the Zenithink. Press the Menu button.
8. Three setup options may be presented. Choose the option on top first then, the others.
9. Switch of the Zenithink after setup is complete. Then Restart.

From another site:

Shutdown the Pad.
Then Press The Button on the Right site in front of the pad (there is only one?) and the Power Button at the Same Time.
Then the device will be flashable and the light will be blue i think.
Then you Put the USB-Cable in, install the driver which is also in the package.
Now you can open burntool.
Device10 should be green.
Now jo goto Settings, and set uboot, kernel,sys-dat, udat
uboot: u-boot.img

Press the FIRST button from the left site to confirm the settings
Now press Start and the device should be starting to flash....
However sometimes the board hangs after flashing and will not start directly dont worry. If everything doesnt help, do a reset.

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