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Security Software Review, Discounts and Special Deals

This page lists some special offers on various security software including antivirus software and antispyware software. Since they are special deals from various sources, they are usually time limited. Please check the date when these links are posted.

There are also links to review of antivirus, antispyware, internet security software:

Android Security
A list of security software for Android devices is listed on this post:

The links in this section provide reviews of multiple antivirus, antispyware and security software. Sometimes the reviews contradict each other in their test results. However, looking at these reviews are better than not looking at all, when deciding which software to buy.
The Best Antivirus for 2012
Posted here: 2 Jan 2012
Review from pcmag
The main winners are: Norton Antivirus 2012 and Webroot SecurityAnywhere Antivirus

Reviews from
Antivirus Software - review various software and can be filtered, sorted.

Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software

Virus Bulletion VB100
News on viruses and up-to-date review on antivirus software.

Lifetime Licences
The following antivirus, antispyware and security software have lifetime licences. They either let you pay once and use forever, or for multiple years. Unless otherwise stated, the list below are recommended software based on my positive experience.

WinPatrol Plus
"WinPatrol's easy tabbed interface allows you to explore deep inside your computer without having to be a computer expert. A one-time investment in WinPatrol PLUS provides a unique experience you won't find in any other software."

Spyshelter Premium
"SpyShelter uses special algorithms to protect you and your data against:
- Rootkits, zero-day malware, financial viruses that are used to steal or reveal your data to other parties and other harmful software for your system
- Extremely dangerous custom-made keyloggers and monitoring software that steal information you send via your computers- these are favorite tools of cybercriminals."

MalwareBytes Antimalware Pro
"Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO detects AND protects in an easy-to-use, straightforward, heavy-hitting but lightweight anti-malware application.
Consumers and personal users pay a one-time fee of just $24.95!"

Outpost Firewall Pro
"Outpost Firewall Pro provides a superior arsenal of defense against PC infiltration. Outpost ensures your online security with solid protection against all Internet-borne threats."

Discounts and Special Deals

Posted 14 May 2013
Bitdefender Internet Security 2013
Appears to be intended for some Australian banks' customers. But the site allows anyone to download without checking any accounts. This may be a limited time.

Posted 24 Oct 2012
Malwarebytes deals at TrialPay is on again. This is a LIFETIME license product.
The catch is you do have to buy something from TrialPay, and the cheapest one I found is the Big Fish Games - about US$2.99.
The link below is the trialpay link specially for Malwarebytes - Enjoy!

Posted 12 Jan 2012
Bit Defender
FREE - This can be obtained for free by Westpac Bank or St George Bank customers in Australia, for 1 year I think. Very tempting because this seems like full software for free. But please look at the review for Bit Defender first (click on the link just above, or just google 'bit defender compatibility malwarebytes')
Several users have reported serious problems with this BitDefender.

Posted 7 Jan 2012

Spyware Terminator 2012
FREE - there is a round about way to get this "almost" free.
Download from the link above, and install it. This will be the basic version without F-Prot Antivirus.
After install - open the application and choose to Upgrade. Hopefully this will lead you to Trialpay.
In Trialpay - choose Snapfish and sign-up to print 20 photos for free. They will charge A$2.95 for handling fee.Then go back and receive installation code for full Spyware Terminator 2012 with F-Prot.
Summary: you get 20 free photo prints and Spyware Terminator 2012 with F-Prot. for Free but with handling fee of A$2.95

Posted 6 Jan 2012

coupon code – enter BM6-3S7-665 for 20% off or alternatively try code B3S-6Q1-H54 or Q65-TRJ-G7J  to save 15% during checkout (you might want to check the comments for newer user-submitted coupons, some might not be working, depending on the actual website where you place the order)

Posted: 2 Jan 2012
Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete
Up to 50% discount
Generally, this Webroot software has excellent and fantastic review but this particular review article below is quite the opposite.
AVG Anti-Virus 2012 [1-PC]
includes 1-PC, 1-Year license
RRP: A$51.50
Save: A$45.55 (88%)
Our Price: A$5.95
Time Remaining:  30 days  ;2
Avira Antivirus Premium $19.99 1PC/1Yr
Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 [Avira AntiVirus 2012] Discount (10% off)
CODE: Avira10

Avira Internet Security 2012 Discount (10% off)
CODE: Avira20
Click here to purchase Zemana AntiLogger for $10, using “Softpedia-NY-Promo” discount code 
Zemana AntiLogger Full
RRP: A$36.00
Offer: $9.53

Codes valid on 22 Jan 2013:
specialoffer         50% off
smartpon-zal50   50% off

Discount Websites
The following sites often have coupons or discounts for software:

Free Security Software

Best Free Intrusion Prevention and Detection Utility for Home Use (HIPS)

Outpost Security Suite (Firewall and Antivirus) FREE - does not work on Windows Server products
"Agnitum is the first security vendor to deliver a fully functional free version of an Internet security suite for Windows users. Outpost Security Suite FREE 7.1 builds on the acclaimed antivirus, firewall and proactive protection technologies. The free solution employs modern techniques to prevent infections, data corruption and PC intrusions."

ZoneAlarm Antivirus and Firewall Free
"The only all-in-one free security that seamlessly integrates award-winning Antivirus and ZoneAlarm Firewall together for maximum protection and performance."

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