Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tips: Windows Shortcuts

Windows Shortcut Keys
F2 - rename a file
F3 - Find - opens up a dialog to search for word.
F6 - Go to Address Bar in most browsers
Shift + Right-Click - displays the context menu
Windows + B - select the first app in the task bar
Windows + E - opens Windows Explorer
Windows + F - opens the Windows file search window
Windows + L - locks your Windows immediately 
Windows + M - clears the desktop, ie. minimizes all windows
Windows + R - opens the Run dialog
Windows + F1 - opens help for Windows
Windows + Tab - Switch between programs. Add the Shift key to go backwards
Windows + Pause/Break - Opens the System Properties dialog
Shift + Delete - to delete a file permanently
Ctrl + Drag - copy or moving files
Ctrl + Enter - In a browser, type the name of the website without www and com, then press these keys to go to the website
Alt + Esc - put this window to the back of the list
Alt + Ctrl + Fullstop - turn a fullstop into ellipsis.
Alt + F4 - Exits the current application, or exit Windows if there is no opened application
Alt + PrntScrn - Screen capture just the current window, not the whole desktop

Updated 27 Oct 2012
The following shortcuts are mainly for Windows 8 Metro

B  Move focus to notification tray
C  Show Charms menu
D  Show Windows desktop
E  Launch Windows Explorer
F  Show Metro File Search screen
G  Cycle through desktop Gadgets
H  Show Metro Share panel
I  Show Metro Settings panel
J  Switches focus between snapped Metro applications
K  Show the Devices panel
L  Lock PC
M  Minimise all Windows on the desktop
O  Lock device orientation
P  Choose between available displays (Projector)
Q  Show Metro Search screen
R  Show Run Dialogs
T  Cycle through Taskbar icons
U  Show Ease of Access Centre
V  Cycle through toast notifications
W  Show Metro Settings Search panel
X  Show Power User Commands or Mobility Centre
Z  Show the App Bar

1-9                      Show/Launch Application from Taskbar
Page Up / Down  Moves tiles to the left/right
Tab                     Switch between applications
, (comma)           Aero Peek (desktop)
. (full stop)          Snap Metro style app to right side of the screen
Shift . (full stop)  Snap Metro style app to the left side of the screen
Space                Switch input language and keyboard layout
Enter                 Launch Narrator
Arrow keys       Aero Snap (desktop)

Updated 2 Nov 2012
Here are some instructions on shortcuts and other keys for the new Windows 8 interface.

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