Sunday, February 16, 2014

Notes Android - How To Conserve Mobile Data

This note applies to Android mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, phablets. Other non-Android devices may have something similar.

Check and limit your data usage
- tap Settings - Data usage.
From this screen you can do many things like:
- Mobile Data - can switch this off.
- Set mobile data limit - check this option to enable the following settings:
--- Data usage cycle - use this to define your own cycle to correspond to your billing cycle.
--- Set your own Warning and Limit of how much data you can use.
--- Restrict using Mobile data for individuals apps.

Use wifi where possible, especially when downloading apps, upgrading apps, listening to music, watching YouTube and any other data intensive tasks.

Reducing data usage when doing the internet. For example some browsers compresses html data, images and uses proxy servers.
- In opera Mobile Browser, choose the Off-Road mode.
- In Chrome Browser, goto Settings, Bandwidth Management, Reduce Data Usage.

Music players like Spotify, lets you choose a lower streaming rate or use offline playlist.

Android apps can disable syncing while Play Store apps can be chosen to not update automatically.

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