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News - Windows 10

Windows 10

Here are some articles and links to things associated with Windows 10


How to remove the Windows 10 GWX upgrade nonsense

Basically it is a 2 step process, it involves going to c:\windows\system32\GWX
1. Right click on Properties of GWX and change ownership to a local admin user
2. Right click on Properties of GWX and change permissions of the folder
3. Then rename the GWX and its exe into something else.

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Not so fond of the new OS? 


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And how to avoid them. 


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With Windows 10, settings are split between the Control Panel and the Settings app. If you’d like an all-inclusive starting point for Windows commands, enable God Mode.
, and it’s alive and well with Windows 10.

To enable it, you do the same thing as previously: Create a new folder on your Windows desktop (New > Folder) and save it with the text below:
When you open that folder, you’ll have god-like access to 260+ functions and tools, some of them different from previous Windows versions. You can also drag and drop any of the commands to your desktop to create a shortcut for the command, which is especially helpful since the settings that have moved to the Settings app, while pinnable to the Start screen, aren’t able to be drag-and-dropped into shortcuts.
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