Thursday, April 20, 2017

How to Uninstall Google Drive always shutting down fix

Google Drive app can be installed on PC to sync files to your Google Drive in the cloud. Not sure about others, but I never get it right in the first install. That means I need to uninstall and re-install.

For example, this time, I chose the right directory to sync on my local PC, but sign in with the wrong google account. So after uninstall and reinstall, the Google Drive folder was on the desktop, but the service itself was not working at all. There was no icon in the taskbar.

On the taskbar, click Customize, and among the list of icons, is Google Drive with the writing saying "Shutting down...." After many uninstall/reinstall - it is always the same.

Others have reported similar problems but no solution:!topic/drive/rKsXF3ZZWA8!topic/drive/nKPuY8dcn34!topic/drive/IvoOGUNafpo

The solution is to:
1) Uninstall Google Drive from the "Programs and Features" window.
2) Then go to File Explorer and DELETE the following:
The AppData is hidden usually, so you need to go to Control Panels -> Folder Options, to choose not to hide files option.
3) Then Reinstall Google Drive - of course with lots of PC Restart between the processes.


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