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Lingyi Manual GT Series

The following is a translation of the Lingyi keyboard using Google Translate:

GT Series
Mechanical Keyboard General Guide

Page 1. Perfect construction, any full key without conflict
Ling Yi series of professional mechanical keyboard using N-Key-Rollover technology, to achieve full keyboard any key without conflict, with its complete mechanical structure will bring you full speed into the battle, each keystroke will bring clean neat and tactile feedback. The revolutionary no-impact mechanical keyboard gives you a totally different feeling.

The standard 104 and 87-key keyboards have 6 keycaps from top to bottom. The keycaps designed at different heights and angles meet the ergonomic design standards. The Lingyi series professional mechanical keyboards use the mainstream R4, R3, R2, R1 Specifications Create Pure Ergonomic Keycaps Scientific stepladder keycap design, ergonomics and aesthetics - a patchwork; when tapping, it fits the palm movement arc more, each keystroke will bring Tactile feedback is neat and tidy, ensuring the most comfortable and natural arc movement of the fingers, reducing finger fatigue.

First, feature overview
1. USB Full Speed ​​2.0, supports true reporting rates up to 1000 Hz.
2. Support full key no conflict <Respond to all keys>, with diode
3. Can be configured into different kinds of language version
4. According to the needs of customers, can be composed of different word key arrangement such as 87/104/105/106/107, Allows this keyboard to run on Win2000, Win XP, Win ME, Vista, Win7, Win & Android, Linux, Apple and other operating systems.
5. EEPROM, Flash memory.
6. Support boot effect: USB power, play boot animation, display trailing meteor, and rotate around the keyboard, followed by all the keys, and finally slowly extinguished.

Page 2. Cool rainbow backlight effect

7. Support one-button switching mode: SL

1. light glimpse: keyboard into the lake under clear skies, surging wave
2. as the shadow goes: the default backlight goes out, press the button, light press the button LED, release the button, the button LED slowly fades off,
3. click the water: default When the keypad backlight goes out, when the key is pressed, the key is used as the center. It is like a little water, and the light wave spreads around.
4. Dragon Tiger jump (animation play):
Animation 1: (Long Teng effect) meteor serpentine tail fill, filled with snake-like turn off the backlight; animation 2 : (excessive effects) Light quickly gathered the keyboard center, began to breathe; animation 3 : (Tiger leap effect) The center flashes, then spreads the fill, and then gathers to close the backlight.
5. Full keyboard breathing: The keyboard backlight simulates the breathing mode to achieve a curve change from back light to maximum brightness.
6. backlight OFF.
7. backlight is always on.
8. Pointing country: Press FN + Del to modify this mode to customize the on and off of each key LED. When entering this mode, the last defined effect is restored by default. FN + Del triggers the definition of the LED mode again. The indicator flashes. The trigger button can toggle the LED on and off. After the definition is complete, it triggers the exit definition mode again and saves the definition result. Can save six groups of custom functions FN + INS switch each group of custom functions.

Page 3. Easy and quick combination of function keys
8. FN + 1 keypad total brightness adjustment, 6-step brightness increase, long press continuously adjustable
9. FN + ↓ keyboard total brightness adjustment, 6-step brightness decrease, long press continuously adjustable

10. FN + ← speed adjustment, 5 gear speed decrease
11. FN + → speed adjustment, 5 speed increase.

The 5th breath cycle is: 4S, 6S, 8S, 10S. 12S, the default period is 65.

Page 4. Easy and quick combination of function keys
12. FN + W direction switch, so that the keys W S A D with arrow keys one interchangeable. Press to turn on the function, press again to restore
13. FN + Win-L simultaneously locks the WIN and APP buttons, press to open the function, press again to restore normal
14. FN + F1 ~ F11 combination of multimedia functions, please refer to the instructions

Page 5. The multimedia keyboard key
Lingyi professional mechanical keyboard has added 11 FN + multimedia composite shortcut keys
and WIN lock keys on the basis of the standard keyboard layout, which is more convenient to use\
and gives you a totally different and relaxed feeling.

WIN lock function.
When the FN is combined with the F1-F11 key on the keyboard, it will enter the corresponding
function mode.

The following table legend:
! Function Key Meaning |
My Computer el
Open Default Browser
Play / pause
Stop Play
Volume Decrease Volume Increase 1
Light Brightness Increase or Decrease
Light Speed ​​Increase or Decrease

Page 6. Insertion and removal axis Instructions
1 Remove the key cap of the shaft to be replaced.
2 Unplug the shaft to be replaced
3 Pull out with the matching shaft puller
4 Select the large hole shaft as shown in the figure to keep the two shafts vertical.
5 Find the corresponding hole.
6 Insert the new shaft so that the shaft is flat with the aluminum panel.
Note: If the test is NG, the shaft leg is bent when it is inserted, causing the point line to fail to conduct.
Please change step 3 again

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