Sunday, March 31, 2013

Notes Google Nexus 7

Just got a Nexus 7, 32GB Wifi, at OfficeWorks price match as a result of Bing Lee sale.
Anyway, just thought I'd start up some notes, starting with some links.

"23 Essential Tweaks to Perform on Your New Nexus 7 Android Tablet"

"Welcome to the Nexus: A Beginner’s Guide to the Google Nexus 7"

"Google's Official Nexus 7 site"

Connecting by Wifi - very important to follow these steps if you want to maintain hiding your local wireless SSID but still want the Nexus 7 to remember it.
- Let your wifi router hide SSID, that is do not let it broadcast SSID
- Find out the MAC from the Nexus 7. Go to: Settings - About Tablet - Status - Wifi Mac address
- Go to the router administration and add the Nexus' MAC address.
- Go to the Nexus wireless setting and Add Network. Go To: Settings - Wifi - tap the "+"  symbol to add new network.
- The do a scan for wireless networks on the Nexus. If it cannot find your network, unhide the SSID on your router, then scan with the Nexus again.
- Once the Nexus is connected to the wireless network, go to the router administration and hide the SSID again. From now, the Nexus should be able to connect wirelessly, even with SSID hidden.

1. Do not allow
Settings - Personal - Security - Unknown Sources - uncheck

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