Thursday, April 11, 2013

Security - Protection against Botnets

Work in Progress......

This is a collection of notes on protection against botnets

BotHunter - read about this in one article. If anyone has experience with this, please share your opinions.

I'll leave the definitions of Botnet to other articles. Imagine being assimilated by the Bog in Star Trek - "Resistance is Futile - You Will Be Assimilated".

The best cure is prevention. To prevent your PC being a zombie in a botnet, here are a few tips, which are also the same tips from keeping safe from virus or malware.
- Use Firewall - make sure settings are appropriate
- Use AntiVirus, AntiMalware - although some suggest these are not effective against botnet.

How to Identify is you are a zombie in a Botnet.
- Use Firewall. Set the Firewall to the Most Restricted / Paranoid Setting. Switch off all of your user installed programs that run during startup. Do the same to services. Reboot the PC. Look at pop-up Firewall alerts and see what items are trying to make a network connection by itself.

Useful Sites:
This site has many good related sites.
Many good answers from various people. see darknet.

Google: how to tell if your pc is botnet

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