Thursday, November 09, 2017

Notes Xiaomi MIUI

Notes MIUI Xiaomi Mi Max2

The following are instructions based on my Xioami Mi Max2, but I suppose it can work with other Xioami running MIUI as well.

How to organize Folders as Music Playlist

How to organize Folders as Music Playlist
With the Xiaomi Mi Max2, it does not organize or recognize folders as playlists by itself. There is no way of choosing a folder to be a playlist.
Imagine if you have 1000 songs and 25 folders. Let say, we want folder 'A' to become playlist called 'A'. It does not allow you to choose that.
The first time you use Xiaomi and browse the folders (eg with Explorer), and Xiaomi sees your songs, it will see 1000 songs.
When you go to Music app, it will see 1000 songs. You can spend a lot of time to create a Playlist, eg playlist A and manually choose songs to put in playlist A.
This takes a lot of time.

Here is the solution.
Go to the Music App, click Settings -> click Advanced Settings -> click by Folder.
Now you can CHOOSE which folder the Music app can see.
So uncheck all folders, and check only folder A.
Now Tap, Tap, Tap, .... to completely exit the Music App.

Go back into Music App again.
Click My Playlist, click '+' sign to create a new playlist and call it 'A'
Click on the new playlist A, click on 'Add to Playlist'
Now the phone will show ALL the music files, of Folder A ONLY.
Now click 'Select All' -> click OK.
So with these few click, all files in folder A is assigned to playlist A

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